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Saskia Lüdi

M. Sc. Saskia Lüdi

Federally recognised psychotherapist, specialist psychologist for psychotherapy

Education: I studied social and business psychology and initially worked in the scope of personal development and later as a job coach and psychological expert on occupational re-integration. I began my psychotherapeutic training and ambulatory therapeutic work with patients suffering from various disorders. My psycho-therapeutic education is based on the cognitive behavioural-therapeutic approach, whereby the interpersonal and emotion-focussed model is also incorporated.

How I work: I like to work with situation analysis and psycho-education to enable you to understand your psychological mode of functioning. You can thereby gain a differentiated perception of psychological processes and reactions that, for me, is essential for a sustainable therapeutic effect.
Individual experiences and motives of a person are of equal importance, as they can be observed with an emotions and clarification focussed methods and allow the deduction of important connections to current problem areas. Ultimately, the goal is to enrich the individual, subjective perception and to enable the individual’s actions to become more flexible. This process is sustained through the means of a trusting therapeutic treatment and your active participation in the therapy. 

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