Company first aid courses

Our courses enable anybody to competently administer first aid in an emergency. We offer exciting and practical certified SRC and IVR courses for all educational levels Services.

  • Primary course first aid level 1 – level 3 IVR and SRC
  • Refresher, first aid level 1– level 3 IVR and SRC
  • BLS-AED complete SRC
  • BLS-AED compact SRC
  • Chemical accidents with diverse noxious agents
  • Hydrofluoric acid spills (HF) and procurement of first aid kit
  • Hydrocyanic acid spills HCN and procurement of first aid kit
  • languages: German, French, English
  • Tailor-made, on-demand courses at the location of your company or at our course premises in Baden
  • Defibrillator and medical supplies (link to Regshop)
  • Organisation of first aid rooms according to your requirements and consultation regarding the procurement of first aid kits as well as the implementation of the maternity protection law
  • All services are offered worldwide
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