Informationen Coronavirus


  • Occupational medical services at on site at your company
  • Execution of risk analyses with the EKAS guidelines for companies, branches and associations
  • Workplace evaluation to identify physical, chemical and biological hazards
  • Establishing risk analyses for maternity protection
  • HRV measurements (heart rate variability) to identify individual risks of burnout
  • Travel and vaccination consultation for private or business travel
  • Medical insurance consultation, particularly in contact with Suva health insurance or disability insurance (IV)
  • Evaluation and consultation for occupational illnesses
  • Tele-medical assistance, e.g. for employees overseas
  • Railway-medical examinations for the Swiss Federal Office for Transport
  • Management training with regard to "soft skills"
  • Consultations concerning shift models, ergonomy and indoor environment

Implementation of legally required examinations

  • Suva screenings
  • Seco night shift examinations
  • Aptitude test for firefighters

Execution of company-specific examinations

  • Aptitude and entry examinations
  • Evaluation for joining pension fund
  • Examinations by a medical practitioner

Aptitude examinations for das road traffic authorities

  • Level I: drivers over the age of 70
  • Level II: higher vehicle categories (lorry, bus, taxi)
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