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Thank you very much for your interest in our flu vaccination campaign. Here, you have the opportunity to calculate the costs for your business.

From experience, approx. 15 percent of the workforce will take part in a flu vaccination. Demand for influenza vaccinations in 2020/21 is higher than in previous years; we recommend the calculation with 25-30 percent of the workforce participating.

No additional vaccine is available for October and November 2020. Orders can be placed again for December. The FOPH has arranged for replenishment, which is why we will receive new vaccinations from the beginning of December. We can therefore offer you dates for December. According to the FOPH, the recommended period for flu vaccination is from mid-October until the beginning of the flu epidemic. The flu wave in Switzerland usually begins in January. Even with a flu vaccination in December, there is still enough time for the body's own immune system to build up protection.

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Please note that the price for flu vaccinations is calculated based on the price in 2020 - all prices are subject to change.

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