Health campaign of the ifa health centers 2023

Starting on June 1, ifa will offer a campaign on the topic of mental health this year, in the form of presentations, workshops and ensa courses.

In addition, ifa health centers will take up the topic for low-threshold awareness-raising among employees in all areas and at all levels:

Mental well-being and work are closely linked, as work has a significant impact on physical and mental health. Based on the "10 steps for mental health", we will provide various tips, assistance and input via presentations as well as introduce active exercises for mental well-being over the next 5 months.



Each month, 2 steps of the "10 steps for mental health" will be deepened. Information on each step will be sent out with the update the previous month. 

(from June at the beginning of each month) will be sent with the update.


Employees can contact the ifa health centers at any time with any questions or concerns about the topic and ask for advice. This is done either on-site and without an appointment or via registration by mail with the respective health center for scheduling a meeting about MS teams. The contact details can be found in the brochure.

If you have further interest in the topic of mental health, we offer input lectures, workshops and post runs on this topic. You can find the offers in detail in the document below.

Presentation of the Health Campaign 2023 Mental Health (german)



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