Mental health: It is increasingly burdened – and yet a prerequisite for a successful organisation

Reachable at all times, available everywhere and constant changes – the stress in everyday work is increasing. Especially mental stress. Today, every second person has mental health problems that require treatment at some point in their lives. The consequences range from a drop in performance to long-term absences. A return to work is often very difficult.


This makes it all the more important to take measures at an early stage

  • Increase the resilience of your employees
  • Reduce absenteeism and productivity losses
  • Strengthen a values-based, empowered work culture



We offer support at all levels of the organisation:


  • Keynote presentations to raise awareness
  • Individual counselling sessions

ifa experts sensitise top management to the strategic importance of mental health and conduct individual counselling sessions.


Human resources managers

  • First point of contact for counselling
  • Half-day workshops on the topic
  • Mental health first aid courses (ensa)

ifa experts are available for initial discussions in the absence of a social counselling service. In a half-day workshop, they provide basic knowledge on mental health, early detection of illnesses and how to talk to mentally distressed people. 

And specially trained instructors from ifa offer a certified first aid course in mental health (ensa). During a total of 12 hours, participants learn the basics and practise conducting first aid talks themselves.



  • Half-day workshops on leadership aspects
  • Awareness-raising session
  • Mental health first aid courses (ensa)

In addition to awareness-raising sessions, ifa designs and organises tailor-made workshops for leaders, which introduce them to various aspects of health-promoting leadership. Knowledge that can be deepened in first aid courses for mental health.



  • Awareness-raising and knowledge transfer online or in person
  • Half-day workshops on the topic
  • Mental health first aid courses (ensa)

Ifa also provides contributions, for example in the form of video clips, which are thematically geared entirely to the needs of employees. From basic facts about mental health to the possibilities of early detection to the risk factors for burnout.


Affected persons

  • Early intervention with psychological counselling
  • First point of contact with ifa presence on site
  • Care team in emergency situations
  • 24-hour availability for emergencies

In cases of mental illness, it is crucial to react at an early stage. ifa offers those affected psychological or psychiatric care without long waiting times. This early intervention includes 5 sessions of 1 hour, which are billed through the employer. If ifa is present in your organisation with a health center, the professionals on site can already provide an initial assessment as well as offer follow-up discussions.


Overarching networks

  • Formation and support of internal networks

For people suffering from mental illness, the exchange with others affected can support the healing process. Leaders can also benefit from an exchange of experiences among themselves. Experts from ifa accompany them, if desired also online.



Personal advice

We tailor our support to your needs.
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