Clarify, prevent – have a check-up

Stay healthy, if possible even improve your health – and if necessary detect an illness early so that it can be treated optimally. Preventive examinations, so-called check-ups, serve this purpose. The ifa Institute for Occupational Medicine offers various check-ups for individuals and organisations, according to your needs.

As the check-up is a preventive service, your supplementary insurance may contribute to the costs. This depends on where you are insured and what benefits you may already have received. Please contact your insurance company before the examination.


Check-ups Basic

You feel fit and would like to get a comprehensive picture at an early stage?
You would like to pay additional attention due to risk factors (e.g. smoking, stress, age, etc.)?


Check-ups Pro

Are you or your employees in the middle of your working life and exposed to increased stress?
Choose the one that suits you best from three options.

You will find detailed descriptions of services under the following links: Economy, Business, First.


Additional offers

You can book the following examinations individually or as a supplement to a Check-up Basic or Check-up Pro.

Personal consultation

We will be happy to provide you with advice and arrange an appointment.
Call us on T +41 56 205 44 44 or write to us at

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