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Coronavirus – Information FOPH

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) provides continuous information on the current situation in close collaboration with cantonal doctors and hospitals. In the canton of Aargau, the cantonal medical service is responsible for the topic of coronavirus SARS CoV2.

  • Comprehensive information on coronavirus and the current situation can be found on the FOPH website.

Coronavirus - Information Canton of Aargau

Information on coronavirus affecting the canton of Aargau can be found on the cantonal website. For questions about coronavirus affecting the canton of Aargau, please contact:

Emergency medical advice of the Aargau Medical Association 0900 401 501

Experts answer questions:
Infectiologists Christoph Fux & Benedikt Wiggli answer questions from the public about the coronavirus.
The answers

Reflections on the current situation by Dr. Christoph Fux, Chief Physician Infectiology and Hospital Hygiene of the Cantonal Hospital Aarau
Read here

Coronavirus – Information ifa Institut for Occupational Medicine

The ifa Institute of Occupational Medicine also clarifies suspicious cases in accordance with the guidelines of the BAG. The ifa Institute of Occupational Medicine has a clearly defined concept for the investigation of suspected cases, and the specialist staff is trained and prepared.

If you suspect coronavirus, please do not come directly to the ifa Institute of Occupational Medicine.

We are available for you between 08.00 - 17.00 o'clock

New Coronavirus

Find out more about this « New coronavirus » as well as about the current situation in Switzerland and abroad.

Interpreting Service

The following interpreting service is available to our patients in the canton of Aargau:

HEKS offers qualified oral translations in over 50 languages in the cantons of Aargau, Solothurn, Baselland and Basel-Stadt. The interpreters translate accurately and competently into the source and target languages, recognise and understand the social and cultural differences and the communication problems that arise. They interpret statements in a value-free and neutral manner.



The winner of the ifa patient survey 2018 has been announced!

As part of the EQUAM recertification 2018, all patients were asked to complete a survey about the satisfaction of our practice. Among all participants of the patient survey an iPad was raffled. The winner of the iPad, Sonja Hintermann, was drawn on 16 April 2019 by Thomas Suter, the chief occupational physician. Congratulations!

The EQUAM certification analyses practices for the quality of work, the satisfaction of patients and the satisfaction of employees. The ifa successfully completed the EQUAM recertification in 2018. EQUAM is the most recognized certification in Switzerland for medical practices.

Photo: The recipient of the prize was Sonja Hintermann with Evelyne Lorenz, head of the medical practice 29 April 2019.

Important rate information

Limitations aggravate our work for you

Dear Patient
Dear relatives of patients

On 1 January 2018, the Federal Council implemented a modified rate for ambulant medical services. This has made many services much cheaper. Certain services of family medicine are slightly better compensated.

At the same time, however, the Federal Council has limited the duration of general practitioner care and set a maximum time limit. The following limitations may cause us problems, more info here.

The Mobile Doctors outside of opening hours!

The Institute for Occupational Medicine also offers you medical aid outside opening hours in the case of an emergency.
A 24/7 service was made possible through close collaboration with the Mobile Doctors. 

061 485 90 00


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