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Things to know for all HMO and Managed-Care patients

HMO, Managed-Care models and traditional variants are all amenable to the health insurance law (KVG) and cover the same services for illness, accidents and pregnancy. If you are covered by an alternative health insurance model you will receive a premium discount from your health insurer. If you've chosen an alternative insurance model of one of our health insurance partners and listed us as your family practice, then the ifa is your family practice.


If you require medical attention please always call us first. If you consult a doctor or a hospital without referral from your family doctor then your health insurer is entitled to bill you for incurred costs. Going through us first ensures holistic care and coordination of individual medical procedures.

No referral is required for the following treatments and examinations:

  • Emergencies, if we are not contactable please seek out the nearest emergency doctor or unit and inform us after the necessary emergency treatment.
  • Examinations by opticians for the prescription of glasses or contact lenses
  • Gynaecological check-ups and maternity care
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