History of the ifa

The ifa was founded in 1995 by Dr. med. Dieter Kissling, FMH general medicine and occupational medicine, as outsourcing for the industrial medical services of the ABB. Today the ifa is comprised of 5 operational divisions:

1. Practice:

With its diverse areas of expertise, the ifa is an important primary care provider for the Baden population. In addition to the normal doctor’s practice, we also run a HMO centre for SWICA, Provita, Atupri, Helsana, Arcosana, Sanagate and CSS.
The ifa is EQUAM certified.

2. Work + Health:

The ifa provides occupational health physicians for ABB Switzerland, GE Switzerland, Bombardier Switzerland. The occupational healthcare support extends from performing serial examinations within the framework of the UVG or ArG to individual problems at the workplace. The ifa routinely conducts occupational health campaigns in businesses.

3. Healthcare Centres:

The ifa runs health centres from the following locations: Baden, Birr, Turgi and Oerlikon. They emerged from previous ABB first aid stations and were integrated into the ifa upon request of the ABB. Funding is provided by contracting companies (the biggest clients are ABB Switzerland, GE Switzerlnad, Bombardier Switzerland).

4. Occupational Health Promotion:

The field of occupational health promotion was founded in 1997. Our employees consist of industrial psychologists and biomechanical scientists.

5. Telemedicine:

With the introduction of telemedicine, the ifa has expanded its wide-ranging offers by one additional innovative service. Telemedicine enables the lack of primary medical care in remote areas to be countered on a national and international level. The ifa has the means to provide the necessary technical equipment as well as the appropriate doctors and therapists required to administer telemedical treatment of patients at home and abroad.


Films about the ifa (in german)
On the occasion of the nomination for the Prix SVC Nordschweiz 2021, two short films were made about ifa:

- Portrait
- KMU story



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