Our convictions in the Institute for Occupational Medicine

How do we deal with each other? What is important to each other?


The ifa shows a high degree of esteem and respect for everyone.
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The ifa always keeps to the agreed appointments. We strive to complete our tasks on time.
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ifa is highly committed to meeting the needs of its customers.
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Value neutral

The ifa is objective and factual and meets everyone with a high degree of goodwill and recognition. We are always open-minded, friendly and without any prejudice.
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The ifa strives to generate added value for its customers. As a company that thinks sustainably, the ifa has to operate profitably.
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The ifa makes professional decisions and actions based on current, recognized medical principles and is guided by a high standard of quality.
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The ifa wishes that all its employees treat each other with respect, appreciation and support.
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The ifa strives to develop its employees both professionally and personally.
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