Mission statement

  • We are a health care service provider that is committed to holding curative and preventative health-promoting aspects in equal regard.
  • We provide the primary health care for the Baden region and are committed to integrated care.
  • We offer our services to businesses throughout Switzerland with regard to health issues.
  • We are a business that wants to generate jobs


We want to offer the population of Baden high-quality primary medical care that orientates itself by the principles of evidence-based medicine. To accomplish this goal, we exclusively employ highly educated members of staff. Our technical set-up corresponds to modern standards. We obligate ourselves to ensure the quality of our services, technical equipment and our know-how and regularly carry out quality checks. Our business operates in a profit-orientated manner. We re-invest a large sum of the profit to ensure the best possible execution of our duties.

As a market leader in occupational health promotion, we help our partners to create health-promoting work places. We commit ourselves to implementing occupational-medical and psychological insights in our partner companies. By doing so we take the interests of employee and employer into consideration with equal regard. We inter-connect our partners with the objective of propagating knowledge.

We generate jobs in which our employees feel at ease and we treat them with respect. We offer them the space to enable purposeful work with a wide scope for action and the accomplishment of holistic tasks. We are aware of employees’ right to a private life and requirement of time to recuperate. As experts, our employees should be able to influence work processes and workflow. Our management staff are allowed enough time and space for effective leadership. Their actions are guided by a charitable, health-promoting and supportive body of thought. Our employees have the right to education and further training; the maintenance of their employability is of great importance to us.

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