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Sibylle Etter

Lic. phil. Sibylle Etter


Education: Study of clinical psychology, psychopathology and philosophy at the University of Zurich. Continuous psychotherapeutic training at the Psychoanalytical Seminar in Zurich. Several years of professional experience in the treatment of mental illnesses in psychiatric institutions in an inpatient and day patient setting (including crisis intervention, triage, day clinic).

How I work: My therapeutic approach is psychoanalytically oriented. Together we try to understand current difficulties and symptoms in the context of biographical experiences and try to develop strategies for coping with them. The creation of a therapeutic relationship in the here and now as well as the understanding of individual relationship patterns are always at the centre of my work. Through the therapeutic process, self-awareness and self-reflection are strengthened in order to be able to meet personal challenges on a long-term basis with personal responsibility.




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