Rosina Maag

lic. phil. Rosina Maag

Psychologist, Swiss-state recognised Psychotherapist

Evaluations, Diagnosis and therapeutic guidance for emotional problems and behavioural abnormalities in childhood and adolescence such as anxieties, aggressiveness, ADHS, depression or learning difficulties.

Education: Completed training in cognitive behavioural therapy with focus on child and adolescents at the University of Zürich and Fribourg.
Initial training as a primary schoolteacher.

How I work: Starting points for tacking the problems are collectively established with regard to the current developmental stage of the child or adolescent and with inclusion of their environment, especially parents. In doing so, various procedures are utilised: discussion-centric and play-based therapeutic elements, cognitive and behavioural-therapeutic approaches, resource activation by use of creative element (such as role playing, creative forms of expression, imagination) and relaxation methods.

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