Olga Gericke

Dr. med. univ. Olga Gericke

Medecin specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine

Education: Studied human medicine at the University of Vienna, trained as a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, 1997. More than 20 years of professional experience in independent psychiatric - psychotherapeutic specialist practice in Cape Town with multimodal, psycho-dynamically based therapy approach. Recognition of specialist diploma in Austria 2017. Working in Switzerland since 2019, professional experience as senior physician for psychiatry and psychotherapy in the practice for mental health Zofingen, PDAG.

How I work: In my many years of psychiatric-psychotherapeutic practice, I gained broad experience in integrative, holistic, psychiatric-psychotherapeutic treatment of a variety of mental disorders in people from different cultural backgrounds. I see the cause of mental disorders in the interplay of various factors: current challenges, past stresses and traumas, and biological - somatic, including genetic, factors. I like to work with you to understand and positively manage your problems in the "here and now", in a trusting setting, if necessary with gentle reprocessing of old traumas. Biological approaches such as medication and lifestyle interventions can contribute significantly to the successful treatment of psychological disorders.



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