Lev Libourkine

Lev Davidovic Libourkine

Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy

Education: Graduated in medicine at the State Medical "Pavlov" University, St. Petersburg in 1995. Qualified as a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy - recognized in Switzerland. Several years of professional experience resulting mainly from work in various clinics in Germany and - since 2008 in Switzerland (most recently as senior physician). During this time I gained extensive experience in dealing with medication and emergencies. Psychotherapeutic training with a focus on behavioural therapy. Certified in psychodrama in the so-called "second procedure” during the further education. After that Thereafter I became acquainted with most of the other common therapy methods.

How I work: Without claiming to have a universal ready-to-use recipe for all people, I particularly enjoy working in the sense of "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy" (ACT) and consequently we are looking together for real possibilities to enable you to act with commitment in your own interests and in accordance with your personal values. Always being on your side is a matter of the highest priority for me.

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