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Krisztina Rozsa

Dr. med. Krisztina Rozsa

Specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy

Education: Completed medical studies at Semmelweis University Budapest, 2006. Further education: completed psychiatry and psycho-therapeutic specialist training, 2011. My training as well as my advanced training is recognised by the Swiss Confederate Department of interior EDI Medical Professional Commission (MEBEKO). Psycho-therapeutic focus: Discussion therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy.

How I work: I have over ten years of psychiatric work experience in the treatment of a broad spectrum of psychological illnesses, including: Affective disorders, anxiety and compulsive disorders, delusional disorders, organic psychological disorders and reactions to heavy stress loads and adjustment disorders. In my treatment of these disorders, I jointly strive to find an appropriate and individual solution with my clients. The goal is to have a better understanding of one’s own problems and to better overcome them by applying learned methods. In my psycho-therapeutic work I utilise methods from analytical therapy forms and schema therapy in addition to cognitive behavioural therapy. The use of medication is also possible if necessary or in an emergency.

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