Katharina Hochuli

Lic. phil. Katharina Hochuli

Specialist psychologist for psychotherapy FSP,
Behavioural therapist SGVT

Education: Study of Clinical Psychology and Special Education at the University of Zurich. Cognitive-behavioural-therapeutic advanced training with an interpersonal focus at the Klaus Grawe Institute in Zurich. Advanced training in DBT, emergency psychology and schema therapy. More than 10 years of professional experience in ambulant psychotherapy.

How I work: I work in a coping and clarification-oriented way, i.e. it means dealing with the current symptoms and reducing them, as well as gaining an understanding of why symptoms appear now and what function they might have.  Together we look for possible solutions and consider which resources and coping strategies might be helpful.

Depending on current needs, I work with emotion-focused, schematherapeutic or cognitive-behavioural approaches.

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