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Cardiology - Dr. med. univ. Edit Metz

Edit Metz

Edit Metz
Dr. med. univ.

Fachärztin für Kardiologie und allgemeine Innere Medizin

Dr. med. univ. Edit Metz is our specialist of the practice’s cardiology department. Cardiology is concerned with the congenital and acquired illnesses of the heart and blood circulation.

Cardiology includes heart conditions such as cardiac arrest, cardiac insufficiency (inadequate heart performance) and cardiac arrhythmia. In order to evaluate heart function, cardiologists use specialised exanimation methods e.g. the electrocardiogram (electric potentials of the heart, ECG for short), or X-rays of the chest area.

T cardiologist can recommend measures to enable the patient to regain their fitness after an illness or operation. This can entail e.g. a stay at a rehabilitation clinic, a personally-tailored exercise regime or the intake of required medication.

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