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  • Medication consultation
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar measurement
  • Would treatment
  • Support stocking measurement
  • Rental of aids (milk pumps, crutches, etc.)
  • Morning-after pill
  • Poly-medication check
  • Rent of demo-Elsa Cushion
  • Netcare Pharmacy
  • 10 % discount for contraceptive pills
  • Orders per WhatsApp or SMS

Medication consultation

We'll gladly answer any questions you have concerning your health and competently offer individual advice with regard to your medication.

Blood pressure and blood sugar measurement

If you require a once-off or regular blood pressure or blood sugar check-up you can come by at all times without prior appointment.

Wound treatment

Small cuts or scrapes are easily done, we treat small wounds for a small price depending on expenditure.

Support stocking measurement

Long flight, tired legs or a doctor’s prescription? Regardless of the reason you require compression stockings, we’ll gladly advice you and order your stockings to measure.

Rental of aids

We have aids for rental in the pharmacy e.g. milk pumps, crutches and infant scales.

Morning-after pill

Unprotected sex, failed contraception…We can offer you the morning-after pill after a consultation with the pharmacists to reduce the risk of an unwanted pregnancy.

Poly-medication check

If you have questions about why you take your specific medication and what happens if you sometimes forget to take a pill? If you are taking more than 4 kinds of medication for at least 3 months then your health insurance covers 1 consultation with us every 6 months. This enables you to maintain an overview of your medication.

Rent of demo-Elsa Cushion

Tense shoulder and neck area? Headaches? Those who don’t just want to dream of recuperative sleep should bed themselves properly. Elsa cushions help to prevent and support the healing of neck, shoulder and back problems, headaches and help with whiplash injuries. You can pick up your Elsa Cushion from us and try it out over a period of 14 days at home. Come by and let us advise you.

Netcare Pharmacy

Netcare is a service for all customers who seek uncomplicated medical advice to help with illness and small injuries, without preregistration. After a detailed evaluation with the responsible pharmacist in a separate consultation room, you will receive the correct medication without any detours – also prescription medication when appropriate.
The costs will be partially covered by certain insurance models (e.g. Swica, Sympany casamed pharm).

10 % discount for contraceptive pills

Regardless of whether you take the pill, the plaster or the Nuvaring. We offer a 10% discount on hormonal contraception.

Orders per WhatsApp or SMS

Order your medication and wellness products per WhatsApp or SMS and personally collect your pharmacy purchases here.  We have over 45’000 products on offer from wholesalers. We look forward to advising you!

You can reach us at: WhatsApp/SMS 079 595 46 48.

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