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Course offers

We have a constant selection of courses to offer our patients.
Examples of courses you could attend:

Patient forum:

The patient forum is part of a new series of events at the ifa – Institute for Occupational Medicine. Every month, our ifa-doctors present a health issue of interest. The forum serves as an opportunity to deepen your medical understanding and provides insight into important everyday medical questions.

Trampoline courses:
The new Bellicon Bounce training concept consists of group fitness training sessions with a defined course structure. It is a combination of alternating endurance and strength training exercises. This form of training is complimented by various exercise combinations. Despite intense exercise, this form of training allows for a high enjoyment factor.

Postnatal gymnastics:
The pelvic floor is under a heavy strain both prenatally and during birth. By practicing targeted postnatal gymnastics, you can prevent possible complications and strengthen your sense of wellbeing. Visit our postnatal gymnastics course and you will once again feel at ease in your body!


Stress-resilience-training is a part of our psychotherapy treatments on offer.  The topics of stress, emotion regulation techniques, recovery and sleep as well as Life Domain Balance are covered in a group of 8-10 people. 

Occupational first aider courses:
The ifa occupational first aider courses are available to all interested company employees and enable every person to competently perform first aid measures in emergency situations. We offer exciting, practice-orientated and certified SRC and IVR courses for all levels.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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