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Advanced 2

First Aider Level 2, Advanced Course


General objective:
Participants of the first aider level 2 course receive an expanded understanding of first aid and acquire basic knowledge with regard to safety and hygiene measures in connection with accident-dependent physical injuries and acute illnesses.

This course enables the specific requirements to be met with regard to simple first aid administration in work and leisure time. The first aider can assess whether professional help is required in everyday cases of accidents or illnesses based on the situation. They are in the position to attend to injured or ill persons until the arrival of professional help and can thereby prevent further damage and complications. They can rank threat situations and take appropriate measures.

Target group:
All interested people who are prepared to acquire further knowledge and skills in everyday first aid and in preventative measures.

Valid certificate "First Aider Level 1 IVR" (certificate must not be older than 1 year. If the certificate is older, a refresher IVR level 1 or a course with a valid BLS-AED card is required.)

Educational contents:

  • Securing basic knowledge
    Key objective: All participants are on the same level of training (level 1).
  • Basic knowledge of patient assessment and observation
    Key objective: The participant carries out the patient assessment, supervision and care according to the simple scheme and takes the initial precautions to maintain or restore vital functions. They are capable of continuing assessment of a conscious patient. 
  • Trauma-induced bodily injuries
    Key objective: The participant is capable of identifying the accidental situation. They identify injuries and can carry out the necessary basic measures if vital functions are endangered. They understand their limitations and will alert professional emergency responders if necessary. They can utilise available aid resources.
  • Acute illnesses
    Key objective: The participant can identify symptoms of acute illness and carry out the necessary basic first aid measures. They can attend to the acutely ill person until the arrival of professional help.
  • Knowledge of materials
    Key objective: The participant can utilise the generally used first aid equipment depending on the situation. They can assess and appropriately treat wounds.
  • Rights, obligations, ethical behaviour & handling of partners
    Key objective: The participant is aware of the competences, effective legal foundations, as well as first aid ethical principles.
  • Information on advanced and further training possibilities
    Key objective: The participant is informed on further training and course offers.
  • Client-specific contents/elements
    A maximum of 10% of the educational contents can be adjusted to specific needs of the client (e.g. special safety aspects).

14 hours
A yearly refresher is recommended at least twice per year.

Course times:

8.00 to 12.00 and 13.00 to 16.30
Uninterrupted presence is requisite.

Graduates will receive a certificate in accordance with IVR and SRC at the end of the course business first aider.



CHF 600.-

Cancellations will be acknowledged up to 10 days before the start of the course, otherwise full course expenses will be charged.
If the course has too few participants it can be cancelled at short notice.
After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation that is simultaneously the course invitation.

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