Basic Course 1

First Aider Level 1, Basic Course


General objective:
The training to reach level 1 should enable everyone to provide first aid (first general measures in an emergency situation, incl. BLS-AED). First aid should be able to be given on the street, at the workplace, during leisure time and sports, in the household, in the army and in disaster relief.

Participants correctly raise the alarm and implement instructions from the emergency call centre according to the situation until professional help arrives. They deal with their attitude towards providing assistance and know inhibiting and facilitating factors. The participants are informed about further courses and training in the field of first aid for lay helpers.

Target group:
The available guidelines are suitable for participants from the age of 12. 

Educational contents:

  • Establishing an overview
    Key objective: The participant can establish an overview of the incident.
  • Alerting
    Key objective: The participant alerts according to the situation.

  • Safety, protection & hygiene
    Key objective: The participant is aware of the possible dangers for themselves and for others involved and take the necessary safety precautions.
  • Patient assessment and further measures
    Key objective: 
    The participant carries out the patient assessment, supervision and care according to the simple scheme and takes the initial precautions to maintain or restore vital functions.
  • Stress management
    Key objective: The participant recognises possible stress situations and reacts appropriately according to the situation.
  • Motivation to administer first aid
    Key objective: The participant confronts their motivations for administering first aid and knows the inhibiting and conducive factors.
  • Rights and obligations
    Key objective: The participant knows the legal aspects of first aid, as well as the corresponding legal sources.


The basic course lasts two days of 7 lessons each.

We are an IVR-recognised First Aid educational organisation, so our level 1-3 courses are certified.  

Course times:
8.00 to 12.00 and 13.00 to 16.00
To receive a course certificate, a gap-free attendance period is required

At the end of the course graduates will receive a certificate in accordance with IVR and SRC in operational emergency aid, level 1

Course of 14 lessons (2 days)
- per employee of an ifa contract company: CHF 600.00
- per employee (not from a contracting company): CHF 700.00

Cancellations will be acknowledged up to 10 days before the start of the course, otherwise full course expenses will be charged. If the course has too few participants it can be cancelled at short notice. After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation that is simultaneously the course invitation.


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