Basic Course 1

Electroplating First Aider Level 1, Basic Course

This course is a basic level 1 course providing basic knowledge in acid alkali accidents (within the scope of the IVR guidelines).
In the refresher course, which is recommended annually, the course is further developed and deepened.


Target group:


  • whose work involves particular hazards
  • who supervise multiple workplaces
  • whose work allows them to rapidly exit the workplace
  • that control various work rooms within their control function
  • whose duties include providing first aid
  • who have a “remote” workplace
  • who often work in abroad in countries with poor medical emergency services
  •  who have shift work


Education and training of company emergency workers who, thanks to the immediate availability of life-saving measures, can bridge the time between the occurrence of an incident and the arrival of medical personnel.

The course covers the correct behaviour in emergencies, with unconscious and responsive patients.

The trainee emergency responders learn to recognise the signs of a breathing disorder and to give artificial respiration. They learn to deal with external bleeding and recognise the signs of a state of shock. They recognise cardiac arrest, learn how to perform cardiac massage and how to use a defibrillator (AED). 

The participants know the theoretical dangers of hydrofluoric and hydrocyanic acid, as well as the correct procedure in the event of an incident. They will be able to initiate first aid measures for burns to the eyes, skin, after inhalation and ingestion.

They are also shown the immediate measures to be taken in case of burns and electrical accidents. 


The basic course lasts two days, with 7 lessons per day.

We are a First Aid training organisation recognised by the IVR, so our level 1-3 courses are certified.

Period of validity:
The certificate is valid for 24 months from the last day of the course.

Maintenance of the short certificate: 
The certificate is valid for 24 months from the last day of the course. Within 24 months from the last day of the course, in order to receive a valid certificate, you must complete the (refresher or advanced course) must be completed in order to receive a valid certificate.
See our course system for this. 

Course times:
8.00 to 12.00 and 13.00 to 16.00
A gap-free attendance time is required to receive a course certificate.

At the end of the cours graduates will receive a certificate in accordance with IVR/SRC with BLS and AED in operational emergency aid level 1.

Course of 14 lessons (2 days)
- per employee of an ifa contracting company: CHF 650.00
- per employee (not from a contracting company): CHF 750.00

Cancellations will be acknowledged up to 10 days before the start of the course, otherwise full course expenses will be charged. If the course has too few participants it can be cancelled at short notice. After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation that is simultaneously the course invitation. 

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