Informationen Coronavirus

Corona protection concept - updated on the basis of the Federal Council decisions of 13 January 2021

Exemption for attendance events remains in place. On January 13, 2021, the Federal Council decided on far-reaching measures to combat the Corona crisis. Continuing education is again not affected by the tightening. In particular, the exemption for face-to-face teaching in accordance with Art. 6d remains in place.

For continuing education, the regulation in force since December 9 remains in force.

The courses will take place in small groups and in compliance with the currently applicable hygiene and distance regulations.

In addition, the following safety precautions are taken by the Institute of Occupational Medicine:

  • Before the start of the course there will be an information and a short questioning about the state of health and the measurement of the temperature. In case of increased temperature and/or symptoms, the participant will be referred directly to our walk-in practice
  • Hygiene masks (FFP2), protective goggles and gloves are mandatory during the exercises. Community masks are not allowed. The material is provided by the Institute of Occupational Medicine
  • Ventilation is omitted and not practiced
  • Surfaces are immediately cleaned with surface disinfectant when soiled

Risk Groups

Risk groups are not trained if possible or, in cases of great urgency, are trained individually and via video conference. Please contact us if you belong to a risk group. 

You can contact us by e-mail under or under the phone number 058 585 34 75.

Thanks for your patience

Together through the crisis!

Your instructor team


Course Description

The sudden occurrence of life-threatening health problems can rapidly lead to death if no immediate countermeasures are taken. The chances of survival are on the one hand dependent on the type of injury or illness, which cannot be influenced, but on the other hand on the timeframe in which the patient is “helpless”. This timeframe can only be shortened if incidental witnesses can immediately offer emergency aid thanks to their previous training. This help is limited to “life-saving emergency measures” and is independent of the cause of the health problem.

Our courses enable every person to competently carry out aid measures in emergency situations. We offer exciting, practically-based and certified SRC and IVR courses for all levels.

  • Tailored-made course offers at your company site or in our course rooms in Baden
  • Establishing of paramedic rooms to suit your needs
  • Consultation for acquiring first aid material
  • Implementation of the Maternity Protection Act
  • We offer all courses worldwide

Target group

The ifa-occupational first aid course is aimed at all interested company employees.
Employees with the following work activities would be well-suited to the training:

  • Employees whose work involves a particular danger aspect
  • Employees who supervise multiple work stations as a part of their assignment
  • Employees whose assignment allows for a rapid evacuation of the workplace
  • Employees who monitor different work rooms as part of their monitoring assignment
  • Employees whose assignment includes providing first aid
  • Employees who have a “remote” place of work
  • Employees who often operate abroad in places of poor emergency medical care
  • Employees who work shifts


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