Our courses enable anybody to competently administer first aid in an emergency. We offer exciting and practical certified SRC and IVR courses for all educational levels Services.

  • Primary course first aid level 1 – level 3 IVR and SRC
  • Refresher, first aid level 1– level 3 IVR and SRC
  • BLS-AED complete SRC
  • BLS-AED compact SRC
  • Chemical accidents with diverse noxious agents
  • Hydrofluoric acid spills (HF) and procurement of first aid kit
  • Hydrocyanic acid spills HCN and procurement of first aid kit
  • languages: German, French, English
  • Tailor-made, on-demand courses at the location of your company or at our course premises in Baden
  • Defibrillator and medical supplies (link to Regshop)
  • Organisation of first aid rooms according to your requirements and consultation regarding the procurement of first aid kits as well as the implementation of the maternity protection law
  • All services are offered worldwide



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