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Course Description

The sudden, life-threatening health disorder leads to death in a short time without immediate countermeasures. The chance of survival depends on the one hand on the type of injury or illness that cannot be influenced, and on the other hand on the length of time the patient has to wait "helplessly". This can only be shortened if accidental witnesses to the collapse can provide immediate assistance to the emergency patient thanks to their prior training. Regardless of the cause of the health disorder, this help is limited to the "immediate life-saving measures".

Our courses enable everyone to competently carry out first aid measures in emergency situations. We offer exciting, practical and certified SRC and IVR courses at all levels of training.


  • Courses tailored to your needs at your company location or our course rooms in Baden
  • Setting up first aid rooms according to your needs
  • Advice on the purchase of first aid material

Target group

The ifa company pharmacist course is aimed at all interested company employees. Employees with the following work activities are suitable for the training:


  • whose work involves a particular danger aspect
  • who supervise multiple work stations as a part of their assignment
  • whose assignment allows for a rapid evacuation of the workplace
  • who monitor different work rooms as part of their monitoring assignment
  • whose assignment includes providing first aid
  • who have a “remote” place of work
  • who often operate abroad in places of poor emergency medical care
  • who work shifts


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