Siemens Management Checkup

Our health is the basis for a high quality of life. Regular check ups can prematurely detect health disorders and secondary diseases. A premature treatment can thereby be initiated. The obtained results enable us to make suggestions and give you tips on how to improve or maintain your health. If any health disorders are diagnosed during the check up we will give you suggestions on how to proceed.
You will receive all diagnostic findings in printed form and electronically on a CD at the end of the examination, as well as a second CD containing your X-ray images.

The examination procedure

Please arrive at our practice in the morning with an empty stomach for the blood withdrawal. Please refrain from eating solids after midnight.

As you will require a full bladder for the ultrasound examination we ask you to drink enough liquids. Suitable drinks include water and unsweetened or artificially sweetened tea. Milk, fruit juices and coffee are not permitted.

After a taking of a blood sample, a recording of the electrocardiogram, a lung function test and a chest x-ray you will receive an ultrasound examination of your abdominal organs and cervical artery. Afterwards you will be served a substantial breakfast and a newspaper. You will be closely questioned and examined by one of our medical experts during the course of an hour. In the next stage your sight and hearing will be tested. Then comes the strenuous part - an ECG on the training bike. In the process, it will be recorded whether your heart and blood pressure act normally under physical strain. After a subsequent shower one of our doctors will be standing for the concluding review and will discuss the results with you, also giving you continuative suggestions and tips.

The Management Checkup takes 4 1/2 hours. Please reserve enough time for the examination.

Data protection and professional discretion

The doctors of the ifa are bound to medical confidentiality and Siemens Switzerland does not receive any individual examination results or information that would allow inferences of the health of an employee. You, as employee, receive all your personal examination results.

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