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Medical service

Our health is the basis for a high quality of life. Regular check-ups can detect health disorders and their secondary diseases at an early stage. Early treatment can then be initiated. The results obtained enable us to give you recommendations and tips on how to improve or maintain your health. In the case of health problems diagnosed by the check-up, you will receive recommendations from us on how to proceed.

Many patients who are heading towards burnout are not able to perceive their condition properly. With the method of HRV measurement, we succeed in showing you where you stand on the basis of validated data. For further information on the examinations, please see the flyer:

The examination procedure

The "Business Health Check" takes place in Baden at our practice premises at Kreuzweg 3.

After blood has been taken, the lungs x-rayed, the electrocardiogram recorded and a lung function test, you will go for an ultrasound of the abdominal organs and the carotid artery. Afterwards, we serve you a hearty breakfast and the daily newspaper. You will then be interviewed and examined by one of our specialists for one hour. This is followed by the exercise ECG on the bicycle. This records whether your heart and blood pressure behave normally under physical stress. After the subsequent shower, our doctor will be available for a final discussion of all the results, including the HRV evaluation, and give you further recommendations and tips.

About the appointment

After you have made an appointment, which you can do online here, we will contact you to organise the HRV measurement. The HRV measurement can be carried out far away from Baden. For this purpose, you will receive the measuring device on your preferred date (at the latest 2 weeks before the Health Check appointment) by post to your home or business address. You can put on and start the measuring device yourself using the instruction video. You will return the device the following day. The results will be discussed on the day of the Health Check in Baden.

The "Business Health Check" lasts 4½ hours.
Please reserve enough time on your chosen date.

Data protection and confidentiality

The doctors at ifa are subject to medical confidentiality. Your employer will not receive any individual examination results or information that may indicate an employee's state of health. As an employee, you will receive all your personal examination results.

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