Medical Service

The cadre health check is a medical assessment that provides you with early information about beginning health conditions. The results will enable us to give you recommendations and tips for improving or maintaining your health.

Many patients who strive towards burnout are unable to fully perceive their condition. With the method of HRV measurement, we are able to show your current state based on a validated measurement.

Please refer to the flyer for further information about the examinations.

Examination procedure

The cadre health check takes place in our practice at Kreuzweg 3 in Baden. We will contact you after you have made an appointment for a Health Check to organise the handling of the HRV measurement with you. The HRV measurement can be carried out away from Baden. You will receive the HRV measurement device on the desired date (at the latest 2 weeks before the HRV check date) by mail to your home or business address. With the help of the instruction video you can put on and start the measuring device yourself. Afterwards you can return the device on the following day. The results will be discussed on the day of the cadre health check in Baden.
There is the possibility for additional examinations. Please refer to the Health Check flyer for these. Additional examinations will be discussed when you contact us and their costs will not be covered by Manor.

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