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Eat healthy and stay fit

«I am too busy to eat healthy»

A healthy diet and lifestyle can help you stay fit and healthy for a long time. It is never too late to adopt healthy eating habits. You don't need to be a nutrition professional to do this, because small changes often help to make big differences.

Presented by

ifa health center, Baden

Target group

Additional programme for all employees who want to actively participate in the nutrition workshop.


Raising employees' awareness of balanced and enjoyable nutrition in everyday life or at the home office.


Our nutrition today:

  • Influence of nutrition on our health
  • How much should and must we eat? Our energy needs
  • What nutrients does our body need? This is how you eat healthily
  • Healthy meals and superfoods
  • Recommandations, do’s and dont‘s
  • Nutrition working from home: what is important?
  • How do women and men succeed in losing weight?
  • Take home messages


60-90 min., German, max. 10-16 participants


Via Teams (German)

Date & Registration

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Speaker: Astrid Stähli

Certified nurse HF, Health expert, nutritionist in training

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