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Please regard the following notes before the Health Check-up:

Please arrive at our practice in the morning with an empty stomach for the blood withdrawal. Please refrain from eating solids after midnight.

After a taking of a blood sample, a recording of the electrocardiogram and a lung function test. You will be closely questioned and examined by one of our medical experts during the course of an hour. Then comes the strenuous part - an ECG on the training bike. In the process, it will be recorded whether your heart and blood pressure act normally under physical strain. After a subsequent shower one of our doctors will be standing for the concluding review and will discuss the results with you, also giving you continuative suggestions and tips.

You will require the following documents and sports kit for the Health Check-up:

Please bring along sportswear for the stress ECG (trainers, joggers, sports bra). You will have the possibility to shower afterwards (shower gel and towel are provided).

We ask you to bring along the following documents without fail:

  • Vaccination card
  • Medication information
  • Health certificates, if existing (e.g.: allergy pass)

Waiting periods during the examination procedure cannot be completely ruled out - for such cases, we provide a guest-WLAN or ask you to bring reading material with you.

Employees can ask to be examined by a female doctor. We ask you to immediately get in touch by phone or email.

Appointment Changes:

Appointment changes can be made within 24 hours (work days) of the originally agreed appointment without any effect on the cost.
If you wish to change you already booked appointment, we ask you to immediately get in touch by phone or email.

Phone number: 058 585 44 44

We will gladly answer any remaining questions during our opening hours.

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Phone number: 058 585 44 44

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