Informationen Coronavirus

Examination details

Medical achievements:

  • Anamnesis
  • Medical history (personal, familial)
  • Internal examination (whole-body examination)
  • Vaccination status
  • Stress levels (work-life-balance, burnout-risk)
  • Health behaviour (sport and exercise, diet and stimulants, sleep)
  • Concluding discussion (with suggestions for lifestyle changes, or brochures for further information)

Technical achievements:

  • Resting-ECG and stress-ECG on the exercise bike
  • Lung function

Laboratory examinations:

  • Blood cells (red blood count, white blood cells, blood cell distribution, blood plate)
  • Blood chemistry (kidney and liver values, blood lipid levels, pancreas, thyroid gland, blood sugar, electrolytes, iron reserves)
  • Haemoccult (blood in stool)
  • Inflammatory parameter (blood sedimentation, CRP)
  • Urine examination
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